The Educational Robotics at Schools Online with Augmented Reality – eROBSON project is motivated by the need to enable teaching educational robotics and other STEM topics in online and blended modes supported by digital tools. This need has been highlighted by the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic.

Educational Robotics

Educational Robotics is a term to describe educational approaches that use platforms such as Arduino, LittleBits and Mindstorms for STEM education. These approaches traditionally depend on face-to-face activities in laboratory environments and on the availability of special equipment and consumables.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that enhances human perception with additional, computer-generated sensorial input to create a new user experience. Augmented Reality can simulate the necessary lab equipment and the hands-on interaction with it.


eROBSON is working on a methodology for Educational Robotics and Augmented Reality and on two prototypes!